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Part 2: Choosing a Martial Arts Studio.

Part 2

Tip #2 Details.

Schedule, class length, students per class and student-instructor ratio. Are there classes at times that are convenient for you? How long are the classes? Some studios prefer longer classes, like 90-120 minutes. Does that fit into your schedule? How many classes are you allowed to attend per week/month based on your membership? How are the classes structured? There may be many classes, however, for a beginner, there may not be as many options. What about as you progress up through the belt levels? How do the intermediate and advanced classes change in time, length, and structure?

Martial arts studio class in progress.

Tip #3 Fees, Contracts, and Price.

When choosing a martial arts studio, something usually not advertised is that many charge additional examination fees for belt gradings every time you want to graduate to the next belt level. Some studios include these fees as part of their memberships, though. Belt systems can be great for motivational purposes. Fees gradually tend to increase the more advanced you get. Ask how much it costs to examine for the first belt rank and the belt rank just below the black belt. That will give you an idea. How often do people usually examine is another factor, for if there are paid exams every few months, it is good to know in advance to help prepare for those upcoming costs.

Martial arts traditional white belt.

What is the progression of levels based on?

  • How many classes did you attend?

  • What is your proficiency level with the skills?

  • The instructor’s subjective feelings as to whether or not you are ready?

Other fees may be associated with examining (e.g. paying for a new belt). It’s a good idea to ask about this sort of thing before signing up. I’d suggest you find a system that you are comfortable with. There are pros and cons to any choice.

Membership contracts and cancellation options are also important to consider. Life happens and changes occur. What if you get too busy or lose interest? How long are the membership periods? Cancellation fees can vary or not exist. Are there flexible membership options for ongoing month-to-month with affordable cancellation if needed?

Do they list their prices for you to see in advance, or do you have to call and come in? I understand the rationale behind encouraging trying it out before deciding. It may be worth every cent. Sometimes the cheapest is not the best and paying a higher fee for a quality studio can be worth it in the long run. However, it can be deflating checking it out only to find out that it’s awesome, you and your kids love it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into your budget. Sometimes, businesses do offer barter for services options to help with fees. If it is somewhere you want to be, I suggest you reach out to them and ask what options might be available to help.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more tips in Part 3, the last part on how to choose the right studio for you, like try before you buy and other considerations…

See you soon!

Marc Gaudet Chief Monkey - Tough Monkey Nation

PS - Remember... You're TOUGHER than you think!

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