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Thanks so much for stopping by to check us out! We hope you enjoy your time and decide to dive in for some classes too.


Tough Monkey was founded with a strong passion for helping others find the things in their life that matter most and make meaningful connections in developing a strong community – Tough Monkey Nation.

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Develop your personal “armour” by developing physical and mental toughness.  Be prepared for what life throws your way. Martial arts, like CPR training, are a big part of this preparedness. Your armour includes everything that contributes to your health, like sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and then being as consistent as possible.


The founder’s son, Joel, started the “monkey movement” as the “OG little monkey.” Joel inspires Marc to do better today than yesterday – to be a better man, Dad, and husband. The monkey has also always been a symbol of fun through joyful play and love.


Providing a meaningful way to give back to society and help create a community focused on optimizing wellness, life and longevity.  Guided by the principles of living life to the fullest potential, both physically and mentally, and showing those who matter most, our family, our love. By being a good person and having compassion and forgiveness for yourself as well. Be better today than yesterday, do what you say you will do even if it is hard, dancing like no one is watching and laughing like no one is listening. Finding your passion, be a continual learner by discovering your why, and having the confidence to ask. Take action a little bit each day to stretch your comfort zone and grow. Believe - you are tougher than you think.





Marc Gaudet,  BSc

We are fortunate to have an expert on personal safety and a strong science background leading Tough Monkey. He is passionate about developing programs to help busy professionals, families, and corporations learn effective ways to improve health and wellness using Martial Arts skill development. He has deigned the curriculum to improve participant safety and decrease injury. He specializes in making Martial Arts more accessible for total beginners and those in a rut looking for a new motivating way to get back into shape.


He is passionate about helping you learn how to actively engage your brain, nervous system, and muscles while empowering you by safely building strength, flexibility and self-confidence. Being a lifelong learner, he is constantly exploring new ways to live healthier and manage the stressors in our lives. It is also a passion for him to help those in the 2nd half of the game of life to live healthier and more active lifestyles.


With solid roots in the East Coast lifestyle and being from Halifax, our founder brings a unique skill set and knowledge base as a professional martial arts instructor, adult educator in Health and Wellness, healthcare worker, personal trainer, and experience in emergency management, firefighting, and health and safety coordination.


Marc understands the opportunities and challenges faced by parents, entrepreneurs, and corporations alike and has designed programs specifically for online delivery for you, your family, and your business. He also firmly believes that strong, meaningful connections with others can be developed in this way, combined with a supportive online community.

More about our Founder >

  • 6th-Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do

  • Expert in martial arts with over 30 years of experience

  • Experience as a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine

  • Experience as an adult educator in Health, Wellness, and Recreation

  • Former Canadian Team Coach at the World Championships

  • Experience in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Capoeira, Escrima, and Use of Force Defensive Tactics and Knife Defense