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Boost your company's recruiting with a unique employee hiring and retention strategy. In today's business climate, you need every advantage to attract new talent and keep them on your team. Prioritize your remote team with a program that builds confidence and awareness while improving their mental health and physical well-being in the process.

Looking for a new engaging and fun team-building activity for your team? Book a free consult today!


The cost of replacing one salaried employee can range up to 200% of that person's salary.


Businesses with engaged employees report 23% higher profit compared to businesses with disheartened workers.




Are you looking to learn new and interesting topics relevant to your workplace? Customizable for your organization, we offer lunch and learn presentations and would be happy to speak at your next meeting. Presentations range between 45 - 60 minutes, virtual or in-person.

  • "Fired up! Recharging the Brain and the Mental Health Connection"

  • "Survival State of Mind and Mental Exhaustion"

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Are you looking for new strategies for employee recruitment, retention, and engagement? How about an innovative way to help improve your remote team's mental and physical resilience and productivity while lowering short- and long-term health benefits costs? Look no further!

Our customizable Corporate Kick Wellness Program can be your company's unique value proposition to get them in the door and keep them fired up!

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  • Corporate Kick Wellness 3-month pilot program

  • Weekly virtual classes to fire up your team

  • Customizable for your business schedule and team

  • Give your staff confidence and awareness for work and play

  • Build strength both mentally and physically

  • Enhance mental resilience and focus with brain-body connection

  • Learn the progressing cool discipline of Taekwon-Do

  • Virtual classes are integrated  with calisthenics

  • Team building workshops are available too!



Are you looking for a cool new innovation in team-building workshops? Join us as we explore with you and your team ways to build confidence and awareness in your daily lives. Learn concepts and skills to recognize stressful situations and give your team options to help them feel more resilient at work and play.

  • Try a lunch and learn for 45-60 minutes to learn about awareness, survival stress, and concepts.

  • Spend 2 hours with an introductory-level workshop to learn skills, strategies, and planning for de-escalation and evasion.

  • Workshops can even be expanded to half and full-day courses to suit your industry.

  • We're happy to adjust the curriculum to suit your company's needs. Virtual or in-person.



  • Healthcare

  • Emergency Services

  • Education & support

  • Pharmacy

  • Public Transit

  • Dental care

  • Youth Support

  • Security and Corrections

  • Industry not listed? Let's chat.


Looking for a more customized solution for your company or organization? Schedule a free consultation and let's have a chat.

Check our our Health & Safety,  Emergency Management, and Security Team Training options as well.

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"I signed up to be a student of Marc’s with just a desire to get some exercise and maybe have some fun doing it, but his passion and attention to detail were contagious, and it became a cherished activity. I can say that it’s been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life. I learned so much - not just about self-defence and martial arts, but also confidence, leadership and ‘indomitable spirit’ that have helped me in many other aspects of my life."

Tim Sawlor

“The classes were well thought out, with a good mix of strength training, stretches and self-defence basics. While it all seemed easy enough, I was left sweating. Had a great time! ”

Marcel Carignan

"I began my journey into self-defence, not knowing how much of an impact it would have on my life.  I didn't know much about it, but I thought it could be fun. I was interested in the exercise aspect and learning some self-defence techniques.  I began training with Marc and gradually fell in love with the program.  With his knowledge and guidance, I reached goals I never dreamed I'd achieve.  My self-confidence greatly improved while training.  Marc's love and passion for self-defence and martial arts were very apparent, and he always encouraged me to reach my best potential.  This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am incredibly excited about this new virtual program, as I’m sure it will be great!"

Heather Sullivan

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