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Introducing Tough Monkey Nation!

Innovating Martial Arts Fitness!

Welcome! What a wild ride this adventure has been so far! Thanks so much for stopping by to join me and check out what Tough Monkey is all about. So first off, I would like to tell you what we do at Tough Monkey in case you are reading about this for the first time. Tough Monkey is a membership-based subscription service offering live-streamed virtual online martial arts fitness classes and on-demand videos for our members. I want this article to be something other than a commercial, though, as the site has lots of information on it already. You should check it out. :)

Marc Gaudet - Chief Monkey at Tough Monkey Nation. Offering live-streamed and on-demand virtual classes.

I plan to develop a vibrant online community and make meaningful connections with the members. I will be adding things to continue to add value to this purpose, like this blog and many future articles. Other areas I will continue to develop are the Tough Monkey social media channels and private Facebook member page, a member rewards program, apparel and swag, and a video podcast, to name a few.

Short and Sweet

This will be a bit of a challenge for me, as many who know me can attest to. I am a man of many words... haha. I am determined though - to provide content for you that you will find engaging and exciting while taking less than an hour to read. The video podcast will allow me to expand on ideas from the blog. I plan to make the content complementary to the services Tough Monkey offers and add more value for you in being part of the Tough Monkey Nation.

There are many aspects related to health and wellness. Martial arts and fitness are indeed essential elements of that for sure. I will explore many other topics in my personal journey and adventure to optimize my life and, in turn, that of my members. These topics include longevity and leading a long active life, exercise and the brain, cognition and mental focus, sleep and executive functioning, resistance and endurance training, and sleep and hydration. Not what you expected to read, I imagine, but don't worry. I will relate those things to typical martial arts fitness mainstays you have likely seen elsewhere, like nutrition, confidence building, and self-defense.

I also plan to have guests and subject matter experts on the podcast, as well as guest instructors to explore these topics with like-minded businesses, professionals, and martial arts and fitness experts.

Once again, welcome and thank you for stopping by!

Hopefully, your stay will be long, and we can continue to get to know each other. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! Oh, one more thing, expect to hear lots of lame dad jokes and me laughing at myself... haha :) How does the saying go? "If you can't laugh at yourself..." Seriously, I am asking, how does the saying go? :)

I will end with this for you to stay on "theme." What business is King Kong in? Monkey business...

See you soon!

Marc Gaudet Chief Monkey - Tough Monkey Nation

PS - Remember... You're TOUGHER than you think!

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