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TOP5: Choosing a Martial Arts Studio.

Part 1

I’m sure you’ve all seen martial arts on the big screen. I was inspired to learn martial arts when I started back in 1990, watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. With so many choices out there, where the heck do you start? Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas to help make that choice a bit easier, at least for choosing a studio. What exactly are you looking to get out of participating in classes? Finding a studio that helps you fulfill those needs should be high on your list of things to consider.

Statue of Bruce Lee

You can obtain many benefits from training in a quality martial arts studio; improving self-confidence, getting better focus and concentration, and strengthening cardiovascular stamina, and mental toughness, to name a few. Finding a good quality studio that can deliver this is important. You may need to shop around and try things out in several studios. Research studios in your area and decide which ones you’d like to visit. Check out their website and social media. What specials do they have? It may take some time to find the right place. It is worth it, though, for your choice can significantly impact your life.

Tip #1 Location.

Many people choose a martial arts studio based on its location in relation to where they live. I did this too, so I didn’t have to travel very far to get back and forth to class. However, I did not know then what I know now, and finding a quality martial arts school may not always be within that 20-30 minute drive from where you live. One of the things to consider is being open to travelling to find the quality that you want that aligns with the values that are important to you.

The other aspect of location is the facility itself. Do they have ample parking? Is it in a difficult location to get to? What is the traffic like in that area when the classes are offered? Once inside, the most important one is more of a feeling - do they make you feel welcome? What are your first impressions and gut-check about the atmosphere? Is it professional and clean? Is there a viewing area? Can you watch the class when you walk in? How did the visit make you feel? These are important indicators as to whether or not to explore further. Trust what your gut tells you. Often people find out about martial arts studios from friends who go there. Ask them your questions, especially if you have concerns.

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more tips in Part 2 on how to choose the right studio for you, like hidden fees, and contracts…

See you soon!

Marc Gaudet Chief Monkey - Tough Monkey Nation

PS - Remember... You're TOUGHER than you think!

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