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Get answers to the most common frequently asked questions about Tough Monkey.

  • How does training with Tough Monkey help build confidence?
    Did you know… Your regular and consistent class attendance helps you become more coordinated physically building confidence? Your hands and feet placement will feel more comfortable and accurate Things won't feel as awkward And the snap in your moves and blood pumping through your muscles as your strength improves will feel great! Did you know… As your abilities improve, building on each new level, your confidence to be able to move your body also improves? You will get more physically out of each movement. Each class will help you to gain more strength, flexibility and cardio. Did you know… As your physical skill improves, so does the mental health benefits from the neuromotor pathways you are building (aka the brain-body connections)? These new brain pathways created use brain areas impacted by anxiety, stress, and depression. This helps to disrupt unhealthy brain patterns and develop new ones. Stress relief and mood boosting affects comes from each class. You are just going to feel better - physically and mentally. Your improved agility and coordination flows into other sports and daily activities, improving your performance there too! Did you know… As you learn how to protect and defend yourself (Taekwon-Do is a martial arts after all), the discipline and self-control you learn also increase your confidence? When you have self-defence skills... Feel confident in your ability to perform them... and have increased awareness... This confidence flows into your ability to be assertive, stand tall, look someone in the eyes (instead of at the ground), and speak up (instead of being a silent bystander) Did you know… When you deal with a stressful situation (being bullied, harassed, or even having to speak in public) your brain subconsciously takes over the "fight-flight-freeze" response? You can learn strategies to mitigate and reduce these affects. This will allow you to think more clearly and respond to situations better. Sounds great right? This doesn't happen overnight, though, and everyone's journey is different. We can help.
  • What will I learn in a live virtual Tough Monkey Program?
    Our programs are for companies looking for innovative ways to help attract and engage with employees (especially remote and hybrid situations), adults who are looking for a new way to get in shape at home and save on time and rising costs, and families (parents and youth) looking for a new way to build confidence and awareness together at home. Burn calories and stress while you have fun learning Taekwon-Do skills with Tough Monkey! Classes are 45 minutes in length and includes: A 5-minute lobby before and after start-end times. A warm-up prepares the body to move to reduce chance for injury. Finish with some cool down stretches, breathing, and a body-scan. The skills you will learn are from the martial art of Taekwon-Do: Taekwon-Do is the art of self-defence using the hands and feet. Literally and very basic, Tae = feet/kick, Kwon = hand/fist, and Do = the way. The "Do" is the aspect where you learn discipline, control, and perseverance. You will learn lots of different striking, blocking, and kicking combinations. At Tough Monkey, self-defence means using physical skills as a last resort: Improving awareness and having options/strategies can help avoid this. New ways to block and evade, using your hands, arms and even your feet! Stances, patterns, and fundamental movements build hand-eye coordination. Self-defence concepts Calisthenic-style fitness exercises are part of the class: These are scaled for different fitness levels and mobility. No matter what fitness level you start, everyone benefit differently. These help build strength, endurance, improve range of motion, and function.
  • How does it work?
    It's pretty simple actually. Submit your application for a spot in one of our programs today (Adult or Youth). Each friend needs to fill out their own application. We'll review it to make sure you didn't miss any important details. Then we'll send you the link to register for a program. Click the link, choose your option, submit your payment, and you're done! You will then receive some emails with more details. You will receive an email reminder each day with the class Zoom link. Prep your space, grab your water, and set up your laptop or TV/camera. Click the Zoom link a couple minutes before start time and you're all set! Let us know with an email if you have any questions. We're happy to help!
  • I am out of shape and nervous
    We understand how that can feel and have experienced that ourselves. That is why we have designed our programs to make it easy for beginners and those new to getting in shape to enjoy learning personal defence and martial arts, gradually build their confidence, and empower them with practical skills. Our mission is to help make personal defence and martial arts more accessible. If you are more comfortable turning your video off once the class begins, that is entirely ok. Being "out of shape" will mean something different for each person. Improving your health and wellness is one of the main reasons people get involved.
  • What is the minimum age to sign up?
    The minimum age for the live virtual Taekwon-Do programs is 10. The age requirements for the Personal Safety & Defence Courses vary. We are also developing an online beginner program for younger children. *If your child is younger, but mature for their age and able to do a live virtual class at home with minimal supervision, send in a application and we can chat about it. Or send us an email:
  • Are you locked into a long-term contract with your programs?
    No. You may cancel programs at any time and you will not be billed at the next cycle. Click here to learn more about our Terms and Conditions and other policies. If you have any questions please reach out to and we'd be happy to help.


I began my martial arts journey over 20 years ago with Marc as my head instructor. I spent every hour I could training my heart out & striving to be better every class. I can still remember my first class; not believing in myself and struggling with pushups and sit-ups. Training with Marc helped me overcome many personal challenges. Not only did Marc train me to become a National Champion & World Championship medalist, he trained me to become an instructor and share what I have learned with others. Marc showed me how strong I can be in anything I set my mind to. I now carry heavily instilled values of confidence, integrity and strength throughout my daily life, & not a day goes by that I am not grateful for these experiences. Thank you for everything Marc! I am so proud of your accomplishments, your awesome family & your endless passion for teaching others.
-Mary Dionne
British Columbia, Canada

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