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Some days, the demands on your time from employees, clients, and shareholders can be challenging. You don't need to add the stress of retaining your employees during a global skills shortage, especially if your industry is in the tech sector. You want to engage with your work-from-home employees and keep company morale high. Health and wellness are top of the list as well. Retaining your employees and improving morale has far lower costs than losing employees and having to recruit, advertise, interview, and the lost production and onboarding time. If you want to try a new strategy to help your Human Resources team, we should connect.

No matter what industry you are in, we have an innovative strategy to bolster your corporate employee retention program and your health and wellness plan we think you'll enjoy. Let's schedule a consultation and discuss how we may be your next option.

Online Fitness Class. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.

Health and Wellness

A topic often discussed amongst HR Executives. How to help employees develop healthier lifestyle habits, which in turn, help reduce sick time away and lost production? When more and more employees work from home, this has become more of a challenge. Time to get fired up about a creative new way to help your employees kick that burnout in the rear, earn some well-deserved stress relief, get in better shape, and have fun doing it all!

Online Fitness from home. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.


What is the morale like these days? It must be challenging to connect with virtual workers in these uncertain times. Why not explore that out-of-the-box thinking with an innovative way to engage and reach employees working at home. Our Corporate Martial Arts Program is the solution you have been looking for. How much would morale improve if your employees had more confidence and self-esteem because of Martial Arts classes you provide for them?

Teaching. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.


A global skill shortage puts employees in the driver's seat, especially when working from home expands their geographic reach. Are you looking for new ways to retain your employees with unique programs? Martial Arts are known for developing long-lasting relationships with clients by helping them achieve goals and continually reaching new levels of physical skills and confidence. Let us help you build long-term employment relationships with your skilled employees.

Teaching. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.

Custom Program

Our classes have a short format, 30 minutes is the class time, making it easier to fit into your employee's busy schedule. Corporate classes are also private for your company only, with times customized to help your company get the most benefit. Employees get a class in during the business day at home, leaving them more time in the evening to spend with family and friends. All thanks to your corporate program and a reputation boost too!

Working from home. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.

Laser Focus

Nothing fires up the brain more than a great martial arts class, boosting dopamine levels and leading to enhanced levels of focus. Engaging the brain to strengthen the mind-body connection in the nervous system through the careful coordination of the hands, feet, eyes, and breath. Guaranteed to give the brain a boost for the rest of the day enhancing focus, productivity, and mood.

Benefits. Tough Monkey Martial Arts Fitness Live and On-Demand Virtual Classes.

One Last Thing

Innovation and adoption of technology are on the rise. Employees want engagement and work satisfaction, but they are starting to quietly and slowly check out. Nothing gets people more fired up than a great Martial Arts class. Learn about our Corporate Intro Package to give our Corporate Martial Arts Program a test drive. 

Let's Meet

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Marcel Carignan

“The classes were well thought out, with a good mix of strength training, stretches and self-defense basics. While it all seemed easy enough, I was left sweating. Had a great time! ”

Tim Sawlor

"I signed up to be a student of Marc’s with just a desire to get some exercise and maybe have some fun doing it, but his passion and attention to detail were contagious, and it became a cherished activity. I can say that it’s been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life. I learned so much - not just about martial arts, but also confidence, leadership and ‘indomitable spirit’ that have helped me in many other aspects of my life."

Heather Sullivan

"I began my journey into martial arts, not knowing how much of an impact it would have on my life.  I didn't know much about it, but I thought it could be fun. I was interested in the exercise aspect and learning some self-defense techniques.  I began training with Marc and gradually fell in love with the program.  With his knowledge and guidance, I reached goals I never dreamed I'd achieve.  My self-confidence greatly improved while training.  Marc's love and passion for martial arts were very apparent, and he always encouraged me to reach my best potential.  This was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am incredibly excited about this new virtual program, as I’m sure it will be great!"

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